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NeuroCognition Lab welcomes collaborative projects (Inter-departmental /Inter-Institutional)

If you are writing a grant proposal - 

Prior to finalizing your grant proposal please contact Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy for budgeting the use of lab and the instrument and for any help with experiment details. These elements have to be part of your budget and methodology for the grant proposal.

Open House @NCL

A session to introduce and demonstrate the techniques, and explain how those are employed to understand behaviour and cognition. The session's objective is to stimulate questions across disciplines and promote interdisciplinary research.

Departments can request Open House sessions for a group of faculty by sending in a request to . A typical session program runs a whole day  or two half days and can accommodate 10-12 individuals.

Initiating a study at NeuroCognition Lab

Interested faculty may contact Dr Madhavi Rangaswamy in person or preferably by sending an email to to set up a discussion meeting at a mutually convenient time. 

Faculty may indicate the level of discussion that is required with one of the following keywords in the subject line: Primary idea/Proposal writing support, Experiment design support, Data Collection Support, Data Analysis support and General queries about Technique.

Mr. Adhiraj will set up the appointment for the meeting at a mutually convenient time and the documentation required for the study will be shared with the investigators. Subsequently, after the documentation has been submitted appropriate slots can be booked on the calendar for the specific study.

If technical support is required to collect data, the roles and responsibility of the Technical Associate will be discussed with the investigators and duly noted in the study agreement.

Lab Rotation Protocol as Pedagogy

To request demonstration of the techniques for students in your course, kindly send an email to addressed to Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy.

The email should state the following:

(a)   How many students would be part of this program

(b)   What are the learning objectives of this activity 

(c)   Tentative dates this program would run

You will receive a plan of the activity with the outline of topics that will be covered and materials for assessment of the activity (to be conducted by the faculty requesting this activity). Kindly request the students to maintain the schedule and follow procedure with their observations and submissions.

 Please inform well in advance to enable effective scheduling

You can also contact us by filling this contact form

Thanks for submitting!

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